HP Management Solutions

Increasingly, we are finding that in the current economic setting, slow paying clients represent a constant problem. Quite often Management wishes to maintain a relationship with these debtors and are therefore reluctant to hand the matter over to a traditional debt recovery firm.

In response to this, we have established HP Management Solutions, which employs innovative techniques to deal specifically with this type of debtor. Our techniques are designed to recover outstanding amounts whilst maintaining the relationship you have with your client.

The premise behind HP Management Solutions is that our client’s have outsourced their accounts receivables operations to us in order to increase their internal efficiencies giving management more scope to focus on servicing their client’s needs.

HP Management Solutions focuses heavily on not being a debt recovery firm, but rather an external management firm. Debtors understand and appreciate the management approach and respect the client for not handing the matter over to a traditional debt recovery firm. HP Management Solutions work with debtors to repay the debt and get them back on track with the client’s trading terms and conditions.

HP Management Solutions aim is to recover the debt owed to you while at the same time maintain the business relationship.